School Uniforms and Childrenswear


School Ties

Stock Ties
Different Stock Tie Designs
We have over 70 designs of plain, broad stripe, thin stripe and double stripe tie over 5 different sizes.

Available sizes: Clip on, elastic, 39", 45" and 52".
Boxed in 24s
Special Ties
Selection of special ties
We are able to offer a bespoke tie made to your design and specifications with 120 different colours available.

Available sizes: Clip on elastic, 39", 45", 48", 52" and 54"
Jacquard Ties
Selection of Jacquard ties
These are quality woven ties that are made to the highest standard, for something a bit more special.

Available sizes: Clip on elastic, 45", 52" and 54" or made to your own size if preferred.